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#10 The best cycling routes in Girona

There are many people who visit Girona every year to enjoy its cycling tradition. The city is an important point of interest for cycling lovers, because thanks to its location and the charm that surrounds it, Girona has some rather interesting routes.

#70 The most romantic corners of Girona for a walk with your partner

Girona boasts many places to enjoy tranquillity, the beauty of the landscape and, above all, the person that accompanies us.

#80 Girona, an International Business Hub

Below we show you the best business centres in Girona: meetings and events, office rentals, co-work or commercial contacts.

#7 Shopping and visiting Girona at Christmas

Christmas' atmosphere, people from many places gather in the city to find and buy Christmas gifts.
San Domènec uphill, Le Bistrot terrace

#93 The best romantic restaurants in Girona

Girona boasts romantic restaurants, where we can enjoy the food, the place, the atmosphere and, especially, the person who accompanies us.
Fageda d'en Jordà forest

#90 Visit La Fageda d’en Jordà

La Fageda d'en Jordà is one of the most beautiful and well-known places in the Natural Park of the Volcanic Area of La Garrotxa.
Girona aerial view

#84 Experience autumn in Girona

Girona's Festa Major Festival is coming, but not only that. Acocollona't, Open Doors in the museums and Temporada Alta complete a calendar of really interesting events.
Girona cycling tourism

#50 Rent a bicycle and discover Girona

Girona is a paradise for bicycle lovers. Every year, thousands of cyclists visit the city to enjoy its landscapes and surroundings.
All Saints in Girona

#20 All Saints in Girona

Girona offers a diverse range of activities and shows for all ages and tastes, coinciding with the Sant Narcís Festival.
Sant Narcís Fair and Festival

#4 The Sant Narcís Festival is here

Girona is dressing up. The Sant Narcís Festival is being held from the 25th of October to the 3rd of November. The city is filled with visitors, joy and festivity. You must enjoy Girona's main festival as a first-person experience.
Temporada Alta Fest 2019

#10 Temporada Alta 2019 arrives in Girona

The 28th edition of Temporada Alta is about to arrive in Girona. What many define as "the best autumn festival in southern Europe" opens the curtain on October 11 with the Royal Shakespeare Company.
Markets in Girona

#78 What are the best summer markets in Girona?

Near Girona city there are several markets with a good offer of shops and brands, food trucks, food and concerts and entertainment.
Els Àngels route in Girona

#33 Routes in Girona: Els Àngels, on foot or by bicycle

Els Àngels route is one of the best known and highly valued routes in the territory of Girona, both for the route of the road and for the places that are part of it.
Bonastruch ça Porta Center

#18 Route of the Girona’s Jewish Community, a trip to medieval age

We discover the history and the route of the Girona Jewish community with places, buildings and museums to understand their passage through the city.
Historical Recreation Girona

#15 Girona historical recreations

The XII Festival Revives the Napoleonic Attack over the city of Girona, is one of the most important historical recreations in Catalonia and the perfect excuse to enjoy the weekend in this city.
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