The most chic and affordable restaurants in Girona
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# 8 The most chic and affordable restaurants in Girona

There are many options we have for enjoying Girona cuisine: from traditional flavours to exotic ones


There are many options we have for enjoying Girona cuisine: from traditional flavours to exotic ones, through a wide range of prices. Below are the best and most affordable "chic" restaurants in Girona, so you can enjoy an unforgettable experience with city cuisine at a more than reasonable price.

Eating is one of the pleasures of life. And, luckily, we can say that in Girona we are well served with culinary talent


The origins of this restaurant can be traced to a small town in Valencia, where the cuisine of Llevant is based on vegetable garden ingredients. Marola was born and grew up there and, excited by the culinary tradition of her home, decided to take it to Girona. After more than a decade, the aroma of the Valencian vegetable garden and rice cooked as it has always been done in the Gandia plain triumphs in Girona.

So the star of l'Alqueria's cuisine is rice, which ranges from the fluffiest to the creamiest, accompanied by meat, fish or vegetables. This is the restaurant in Girona with the most varieties of rice, so it is the only restaurant specialized in cooking different types of rice. But that's not all, as the restaurant also offers starters, dishes made with fresh, quality products and desserts, based on traditional Valencian cuisine.



Undoubtedly, this is a restaurant that is excellent at the most important requirements: cuisine, service and atmosphere. München is an elegant, spacious and comfortable place that combines touches of minimalism with a groundbreaking design. But it is clear that the main strength of this place is the food: seafood, meat, fish and seasonal cuisine, always cooking with the highest quality ingredients and making original and delicious dishes. Eating at München is a good choice for those who want to enjoy the gastronomy of Girona, in a unique, calm and modern atmosphere.



For many, this is the best Japanese restaurant in Girona. Umai is an experience for all five senses, since the dishes are made with the best possible raw materials and stand out for a more than brilliant presentation. However, they have achieved such good reputation in Girona especially thanks to the taste of their dishes: edamame, tartars, gyoza, foie gras, unagui, angus, lamb chops and pork neck, among others. In addition, sushi, one of the specialties of Eastern Umai cuisine, could not be missed.

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