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Girona blooms with endless spring proposals

Filming in Girona

Pont de Pedra, the Cathedral, Sant Feliu, streets in the old part of the city like Ballesteries or La Força, Plaça dels Jurats… large television and cinema producers know that the filming locations Girona has to offer are plenty and can add value to their productions


The Girona City Hall could also see how the city’s image and economy would benefit from this presence in the international film industry, and decided to create the Girona Film Office to facilitate the management of such requests. The biggest leap for Girona’s reputation as a filming location came, according to the mayor Marta Madrenas, with ‘Game of Thrones’, filmmed during the year 2016. But the famous American series is neither the first nor the last to be notice Girona when it comes to the search for locations.

“Game of Thrones” is not the only blockbuster that has chosen Girona as a location

Recently it has been in the news that an importat korean series has chosen the old part of Girona to film some eposides of ‘Memories of the Alhambra’, which will be available on Netflix and features Korea’s most important actors of the moment. It is curious as the story is set in Granada that the producers have decided to film most parts in Girona. The street Nou del Teatre, the street of Les Peixateries Velles, the Pont de Pedra and Ballesteries street are some of the main locations chosen. The Korean public already knows Girona thanks to the filmming of ‘The legend of the blue sea’, in 2016. At state level, Girona was discovered as a film set thanks to ‘Soldados de Salamina’ (2003) by Javier Cercas, a film directed by David Trueba. Some time later the large french production of ‘The Perfume’(2006) would visit Girona, and would choose the old part of the city as well Sant Ferran de Figueres Castle as a location.


‘Tengo Ganas de ti’ (2012) and ‘Ocho apellidos catalanes’ (2015) are other Spanish productions that have walked around with their actors and cameras through the streets of the city. So many series and films set it Girona remind us again how walking through the streets of the old part will allow us to discover unique spots, that marvel local and foreign alike.

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