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Museums are spaces that help us preserve and spread knowledge of the history and culture of people... and cities


Girona has a total of seven museums, giving us the opportunity to truly discover its history. There is no doubt Girona stands out for having a diverse and valuable cultural heritage: starting with the Iberians and Romans; passing through the Visigoths, Muslims and medieval Carolingians; and continuing with the Napoleonic army. There are many cultures that have lived in Girona, building and transforming it into the city we see and understand now. The museums of the city can show us the various lives and faces of Girona throughout history. Save some of your time when visiting to learn all about Girona’s past. Which are the museums that you can not miss?

Museum of History of Girona

The opportunity to travel and visit the different times and lives of the city. The Girona History Museum is located inside an ancient Capuchin friary convent, located in one of the best known streets of the Old Quarter: Carrer de la Força. A chronological story, structured and adapted to each of the spaces inside the museum, reveals the history of Girona from the arrival of the Roman empire to the present day.

Museum of Art of Girona

This visit allows us to discover unique and emblematic art works such as altarpieces from the 14th and 15th centuries, and 19th century paintings. Girona and Catalan art is displayed in the various rooms of what once was the Episcopal Palace of the city and, later, Santa Caterina, "the hospital of the poor." From the Romanesque to the “Noucentisme”, at the Museu d'Art de Girona we can enjoy sculptures, altarpieces and paintings with a high cultural and aesthetic value.

Museum of Jewish History

We can’t understand Girona without recognizing the relevant role of the Jews in the cultural, economic and scientific development of the city. The Museum of Jewish History offers us a journey to explore the history of the Jewish communities that inhabited and transformed Girona during the Middle Ages. Located in the last synagogue of the city, in the middle of the Jewish Quarter, the museum is also known for occupying a space of exceptional beauty.

Cinema Museum

In Girona we can boast of having a museum that recognizes and explains the Seventh Art from the precinema to the present. The Girona Museum of Cinema offers one of the best collections of the history of moving images: the Tomàs Mallol collection. Where we can discover objects, works and devices that mark a before and after in the cinema, such as the magic lantern, the obscure camera or the optical boxes.


In the city you can also visit the Archeology Museum of Catalonia, which brings together a valuable archaeological collection from the Paleolithic to the Middle Ages; Casa Masó, the birthplace of the renowned Girona architect Rafael Masó; and the Museum-Treasure of the Cathedral, showcasing some incredible art pieces like the "Tapís de la Creació".

Join us to explore and discover all the lives and history of Girona.

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