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There are cities that invite us to experience them in their streets and corners


There are cities that invite us to experience them in their streets and corners. Girona is one of those. With the arrival of good weather, the terraces of the city are filled with life. There are many people who want to enjoy the climate, the atmosphere and the architecture of the city while enjoying a meal or, simply a drink or an ice cream. Girona is lucky enough to have numerous coffee terraces where you can stop and reenergise. Some also stand out for having an added value: be it for their location, decoration or the food that can be enjoyed. What are the Girona's best terraces?

Plaça Independència: König and DO Taverna Catalana

In addition to being comfortable and being sheltered from the sun and rain, the terraces of Independència Square are located in an unbeatable place in the city, just next to the old town, less than 15 minutes' walk from the station. Under the arches of Independència Square we find König, one of the best known restaurants in Girona. Especially it stands out for its famous "Patates Braves", accompanied by an irresistible secret sauce. Their menu also has a collection of hamburgers and combination meals. In summary, a good place to eat good, well priced and simple food, right in the centre of Girona.

In Independència Square we also find other restaurants with a terrace such as DO Taverna Catalana, where we can find some of the most typical dishes of Catalan cuisine, made with both local products and products from other areas with the premise of DO designation.


Barri Vell: Le Bistrot and River Cafè

The Girona's Old Quarter is the city area that generates the most tourist interest, thanks to the historic heritage that we can find there. Also, these are quiet streets and places, cool and emblematic. Just at the Sant Domènec's uphill we find Le Bistrot, one of the most emblematic restaurants in Girona. With a traditional and country cuisine, based on fresh and quality products, and with the famous "Torrades" on the menu, this restaurant has one of the best known terraces in Girona. Located on the landing between the stairs of the uphill and the steps of the baroque Sant Marti Sacosta's church, it is the ideal place to enjoy good cuisine and good views.

Entering Sant Feliu square, near the Cul de la Lleona, there is The River Cafè. It is a restaurant, cafeteria and pub, inspired by Bruce Springsteen and the culture of the Native Americans, which has a terrace just under the prestigious church of Sant Feliu.

Bell-lloc Square: La Malabarista, Can Canalla and El Cercle

Despite being hidden, this square is one of the best preserved charms in the city. Located just behind Plaça del Vi and the Town Hall, it is part of the Architectural Heritage Inventory of Catalonia. Without a doubt, it is the ideal place to go for an aperitif, as there is La Malabarista. The restaurant has a good menu of vermouths and tapas, which combines really well with the terrace right in the middle of the square. This place also stands out for its decoration, which could not describe its name any better.

In Bell-lloc Square we also find other interesting places with a terrace, such as Can Canalla and El Cercle. The former is a restaurant that has original tapas and an outstanding wine and beer menu. The latter is a vermouth bar that offers classic tapas with traditional slow-burner cuisine.
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