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Els Àngels route in Girona
#33 Routes in Girona: Els Àngels, on foot or by bicycle

#2 Girona, a paradise for cyclists

Girona is known as a paradise for cyclists for a good reason: the city offers the perfect base to discover the numerous climbs in its surroundings



20 km from Girona, on an indescribable road on the outskirts of the city of Banyoles, overlooking the bright blue lake, is the mountain of Puigsou, also known as the climb of Rocacorba. At the time a well-kept secret among connoisseurs, is now possibly one of the best known climbs in the area of ​​Girona and one of the first places that people go when visiting the city on two wheels. In addition to its location, part of the attraction of Rocacorba is the challenge of the climb itself, there are few similar climbs in the area measured by its inclination and length. The reward, however, is enormous: the Rocacorba sanctuary rises above a rather curious cliff (shaped like a ship) and offers a panoramic view tyou will fall in love with. Do not let others tell you about it!


Mare de Déu del Mont

Between the regions of the Alt Empordà and the Garrotxa stands the Serra del Mont, where in its highest peak we find the sanctuary of Mare de Déu del Mont, which is considered the patron saint of the Empordà. This spectacular route contains one of the longest and hardest climbs in the area. There are two ways to face the Mare de Déu, the easiest route from Cabanelles: 18.54 km with an average slope of 5%. The slope is more constant and less strenuous on this side, but there are also short, flat descents at some sites that provide pleasant breaks. The second route begins in the medieval village of Besalú. From this side the route has a length of 20 km and the average slope is still 5%, although it is much harder because of the large climbs it contains.

Els Àngels

At literally 5 minutes from Girona we find the massif of the Gavarres, where you can see from its summits an extraordinary panoramic view of the plan of Girona, Baix Empordà, Medes Islands, Pyrenees, Montseny and the Guilleries can be seen. This route, about 10 km approximately, has a bit of everything: long straight stretches, sections covered by trees and open wide sections that look towards the mountains. It is a really special experience.

Sant Martí Sacalm

A very constant climb, with few views, but with a great ending! With 8.6 km in length along with a slope of 7%, it is not especially hard which probably makes it an essential route to do it quietly in a day more than “relax”.

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