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Girona and Hotels Ultonia are preparing every year a new Flower Festival edition


Streets, buildings, monuments, shops and gardens adorned carefully with flowers. The history of Girona Flower Festival (Temps de Flors) was born in 1955, at Sant Pere de Galligants church when the people of the neighborhood brought their plants and flowers in order to reward the best. This church became smaller and the exposition grew up on the streets, gardens and corners around the Old Quarter of Girona. As the years went by, every time more people was involved in: particulars, fans, florists, companies… even people came from city suburbs of Girona, to expose their creations. And like this is how it was renamed as “Girona, Temps de Flors”. Hotels Ultonia invites you to experience one of the unique spring festivals of our country: Girona Flower Festival. This great event is possible thanks to the many efforts of those neighbours of Girona who generously offer their time and passion to built up the festival.


Where to stay during Girona Flower Festival

Stay at Hotels Ultonia Girona and travel calmly to the main locations of Girona Flower Festivall. We are located less than 10 minutes walking away from the Girona’s historical and commercial downtown. Also this year we will offer for the first time to our guest clients, and to the visitors, a new catering service with during the week and weekend menus, with various dishes to choose. For more information or to make your reservation, you can contact us by email at or by calling 972 20 38 50.

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