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Historical recreations of Girona

The XII Festival Revives the Napoleonic Attack over Girona, an opportunity to relive history during the weekend of 14th and 15th September


On 19th of September from 1809 the French army made the definitive assault over Girona city after months of relentless siege. Artillery made way for the walls and the invading army entered the streets of the city for the first time. The determination and bravery of the defenders managed to reject them and made the incursion fail against all odds. 210 years after that historic milestone, the city of Girona commemorates it with a series of activities for young and old.

What can we find in the historical recreations of Girona?

Recreations with actors and extras, parades, a craft market with the trades of the time, and guided tours are some usual activities that the City Council of Girona organizes to commemorate the defense of the city against the Napoleonic siege. Some restaurants and shops also join the festival with special menus and activities.

Joan Clarós, the main hero protagonist of this 2019 edition

The 210th anniversary of the Grand Day of Girona will be an edition dedicated to the Catalan hero Joan Clarós, who stood out during the Great War against France between 1793 and 1795. Later, during the French War, his role in the Empordà and in the attacks over Girona was a constant headache for the invader. At the head of the "Miquelets de Figueres" and different contingents formed by "somatens" forced to raise the second siege in Girona, and during the third siege mortally wounded General Joub, sixteen days before the events of the Great Day of Girona.


Ultonia, a name eternally linked to the city of Girona

The Ultonia Line, which gives its name to our hotels, was one of the three units of the Hispanic army formed by Irish emigrants at the service of the Crown throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. A contingent of the Ultonia Regiment formed by about 300 troops (most of them not Irish) participated in the defense of the sites of Girona during the French War, particularly the siege of 1809, during which the city was defended beyond any rational limit and coast of many military and civilian casualties.

Heavily decimated after the war, it formed the Distinguished Battalion of Ultonia for a time and was finally dissolved in 1818. From ancient times, this unique unit gave its name to a street, a hotel & cinema.

The XII Feast Revives the Napoleonic Siege of Girona, is an excellent excuse to enjoy the weekend discovering the city

Scheduled Activities

Saturday 14 September

10 h - Recreation of a Napoleonic camp in the park of the Ribes del Ter.

12 h - Parade of the participants and tribute to the flag of the Girona's Crusade. Route: Sant Feliu Square, Calderers Street, Ballesteries Street, Four Corners, Silver Street, Rambla de la Libertat, stop at the Wine Square, Pont de Pedra, Santa Clara Street, parliament and salvations in Independencia Square.

17 h - Activities on the Rambla de la Llibertat.

17.30 h - Presentation of the participants in Sant Domènec Square.

18 a 20:30 h - Recreation of the battle of the Great Day of Gerona.

Simultaneous departure from Sant Domènec Square and Maria Laffitte Square. Pass through the Apostles' Square and end in Sant Domènec.

Sunday 15 September

10 a 12 h - Recreation of a Napoleonic camp in the park of the Ribes del Ter.

12 h - Recreation of the death of General Jouber at the hands of Joan Clarós. Ribes del Ter Park.

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