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Midsummer Night's Dream in Girona

El Secret de Girona and the cafeteria Room 118 forced to close down the service as a result of sanitary restrictions

At the end of 2009, right after finishing the works of the Hotel Gran Ultonia, a new concept was about to change the skyline of our city.

Located on the rooftop of the hotel, for many seasons El Secret de Girona became a unique space in the Girona scene. Although sanitary restrictions due to the COVID19 forced the shutdown, it is still difficult to find anyone in Girona who has never enjoyed an evening with Girona’s Cathedral in the background. El Secret de Girona began being a secret in itself but little by little consolidated such a fresh concept. Its charm could only be compared to a magical forest full of fairies like the one on which William Shakespeare based his fantastic story.

The rooftop started to extend their service and eventually inspired another magical corner at Hotel Gran Ultonia called La Terrasseta. With less capacity and more focused on the hotel guest, La Terrasseta views are strongly recommended specially for Instagram users.

Among so many memories in the old terrace, we like to remember our beloved bartender and team leader. Apart from preparing the best cocktails in town, Victor was the soul and the relatable face of the bar. He loved his job so much that he transpired joy night after night.

Several sanitary lock downs happened in 2020 and also meant the closure of the cafeteria and restaurant Room 118. Located on the ground floor of the hotel and door to door with the reception, Room 118 was a point of sale of food & beverage for hotel customers and locals.

Despite the closure of both venues, at Hoteles Ultonia we are working to reshape all this energy and magic and turn it into new and modern restaurant concepts. As we did in 2009 in our beginnings, it is time to do it again.

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