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#24 The most photogenic Girona corners

They say it's a beautiful city. Ideal for just walking around without a hurry. And it is because has a long list of charming places


The city has merged the artistic styles and cultures that have inhabited it, and have built great architectural works and special corners. For this reason, Girona is the ideal place for all those who love to take beautiful and special photos. Which are the most photogenic corners of Girona?


We are sure it is the best known point of the city. The Cathedral of Girona, located in the old town, can presume of being designed under the premises of three artistic styles: Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque. There are two peculiarities that make it unique: its nave, the widest Gothic in the world, and the imperial stairway, which places the monument on a high point, highlighting its baroque façade. Precisely, the staircase with the façade in the background is one of the perspectives most captured by the passers-by.

Jewish district

The presence of the Jewish community was enormously significant for the city. The Jewish Quarter is made up of narrow, vertical streets that run along the face of an irregular Girona. It is one of the best preserved Jewish quarters in Europe. The “Call Jueu” is a labyrinth of streets and courtyards, ideal to get lost and stop. Also, to be snapped.

Arab baths

We were talking about Girona being a historical meeting point between different cultures. And the Arab Baths are a good example of that. It is a conglomerate resulting from the model of Romanesque hot springs, with significant touches of Muslim baths and Jewish mikwàs. We highlight the rest room, where we find a dome with an annular vault accompanied by thin columns and capitals that cover the central pool.

Onyar River Houses

One of the most identifying sites of Girona. The Houses of the Onyar cover the ends of the Onyar River with their happy colors reflected in the water. It is one of the typical photographs of Girona. Although each one of the different perspectives of the route of the river has its charm, the bridges that cross it is the jewel in the crown: Sant Feliu, Gómez, Sant Agustí, Eiffel and Pedra.

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