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Planning a quick visit to Girona? We bring you a list of the essential points that you can not miss while sightseeing through the city


Old Quarter

The old town of Girona is a jewel that you can not miss. It is one of the most important monumental ensembles in Catalonia, of medieval style. It has many corners that will surprise you like the Jewish Quarter, which stands out for its beauty and its good state of preservation. Just by setting a foot in it, it’s like taking a trip back in time! In general, the old town is full of history, culture, atmosphere and good restaurants. Let yourself go through the alleys, many of them with a mysterious air, observe all the details and discover and enjoy the many corners that it offers.

Church of Sant Feliu and the Lioness Butt

It is possible that the name of this corner surprised more than one. Actually, it is an ancient ritual that can not go unnoticed by any visitor to the capital of Girona. The origins of this 12th century Gothic sculpture in the shape of a lioness are uncertain. According to a verse: “Girona does not love, who does not kiss the lioness butt”. The fact itself is simple. You just have to go to the square in front of the church of Sant Feliu, locate the small statue of the lioness strung on a column and deposit a loud kiss on the buttocks of the animal.


The Cathedral of Santa Maria and the German Gardens

The Cathedral of Santa Maria in Girona is one of the most renowned Gothic builidings in terms of its beauty and immensity. The imposing cathedral is located at the top of a great staircase from where it has privileged views of the city. The German Gardens are a space full of history: you can find the remains of the old barracks where the mercenary soldiers of German origin lived who were destined to Girona during the French War, in the 19th century. Inside the gardens we also find the Torre del Llamp. If you go up, there is a staircase to access the wall, take out your phone because the views of Girona from there are amazing.

Onyar River Houses

One of the biggest attractions of the city of Girona is facing the Onyar River, specifically, the hanging houses. Hundreds of houses suspended practically on the river forming a huge disordered hive on both sides of the water. Each one has its form and style but this chaos makes it more authentic and characteristic. From any of the bridges that cross the river you can enjoy this colorful show.

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