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Traveling is always a pleasure, so before doing so it is always important to review and plan everything properly. Here's a series of tips to visit the city of Girona in the most comfortable way possible:

Prepare your documentation

Make sure you have all the necessary documents to be able to travel unexpectedly: tickets, passports, payment cards, transport tickets, etc.

Think of your safety, we do too

Girona is one of the safest cities in Europe, although it is always advisable to be cautious. Try split cash and the identification documents in different places, for instance your wallet and case. It does not have to happen anything but if you lose one of the two elements, you will always have a solution.

Coronavirus prevention

Girona is currently one of the capitals less affected because of Coronavirus. In spite of the total normality on the streets, in Hotels Ultonia Girona we take seriously all the measures of prevention for our workers and guests: hand sanitizer, protocols of prevention, high frequency of cleaning and disinfection, and information.


You will always have free Wi-Fi in our hotels, in any case, make sure of the roaming conditions your company offers to avoid an unpleasant surprise on the invoice.

Languages of the city

In Girona you will be able to express you in English in the vast majority of shops. Please, do not hesitate to tell your partner your preference to follow the conversation in the language you prefer. Do not forget that the Hotels Ultonia Girona team will always help you in case you need it.

Locate us correctly

Girona is not a big city, you can easily walk on foot, and also from the Ultonia Hotels you can arrive in a few minutes to the main tourist attractions of the city. A trip to the Costa Brava and its beaches is only 30 minutes by car. In addition, the region's surroundings possess a fantastic natural beauty and villages with real charm.

Identify the most relevant sites

It is always advisable before you travel to decide which locations you will visit, so that you can better take your city. We also advise to review the official websites of the most relevant institutions to make sure which services require prior reservation. Here are some of the corners of Girona that we recommend you to visit:

Old neighborhood:The old town provides an ideal walk through corners of exceptional beauty and has an important architectural and cultural heritage in each street.

Cathedral: Not only is it known for having emerged in the popular Thrones Game series, it has a great architectural quality and a cultural heritage worthy of admiration.

Girona's Gardens: Gardens of the Germans, Gardens of the French, Gardens of John Lennon ... all of them have a real charm and ensure a dream walk.

Devesa: Visting the park is a must. Located between the rivers Ter, Onyar and Güell, it is the great lung of Girona and is just 100 meters away from our hotel.

Culture, festivals and fun

Girona runs a rich cultural agenda moreover Hotels Ultonia offer a wide variety of activities to book in advance before you arrival: Game of Thrones guided tour, wine tasting or our best suggestions regarding Catalan tapas.

Enjoy, forget about the rest

If you are one of those who like to improvise or do not have time to plan your trip in detail, you can also be calm, our reception team will always be at your disposal 24 hours a day.

Any help is needed? We are here to assit you

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Your travel to Girona
Girona protects itself from the Coronavirus
Parc de la Devesa Garden
Selfie in front of the Cathedral of Girona
Your travel to Girona
Your travel to Girona
Girona Cathedral
Your travel to Girona
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