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The climb to Els Àngels is one of the best known and appreciated routes in the territory of Girona, both because the itinerary on the road and the scenery that is part of it.

The route

The climb to Els Àngels is one of the most classic routes for Girona inhabitants. What is more, it attracts many tourists who want to enjoy hiking or cycling, surrounded by a unique environment. The path to Els Àngels viewpoint lasts for about 3-4 hours, depending on our speed and whether you go by bicycle or on foot. As a round trip, the climb to Els Àngels has a distance of 16 kilometres, with an elevation gain of 539 metres.

One of the advantages of this route is that it can be started from the city centre, as it is accessible in all its points, both on foot and by bicycle. One of the most frequented set-off points is the Monastery of Sant Daniel, 10 minutes away from the historic centre of Girona. Once you pass the monastery, you begin a path between fields and forests, entering a forest track and going under the flyover. As you climb, the slope gets steeper and steeper.

After a while climbing, you arrive at the Segalasa plain and then you reach l'Olivet d'en Salgueda. You continue the ascent to the Coll de la Trobada, and there you have to make a slight descent to the Casa de les Figues. Then you enter single tracks that cross the road as their point of reference. Precisely, the last stretch has to be done on the road, which leads you to the Els Àngels monastery, where you can appreciate the Medes islands, the Pyrenees and the Empordà.


What can we see here?

During the climb to Els Àngels you will find spaces of great appeal. Already at the beginning, you can see the Benedictine Monastery of Sant Daniel, of Romanesque architecture, founded in 1015. One of the other highlights is l'Olivet d'en Salgueda, where you can enjoy wonderful views of Girona.

Half way up, you can rest at El Surolí, a resting point formed by a hybrid between oak and cork oak. It is a good place to rest your legs, drink and energise for what is left in the way to the sanctuary. The latter being the most pined for point of the journey, since it is the goal and, surely you will be happy to get there.

The views from the Sanctuary of Els Àngels let you enjoy a privileged vantage point of the massif of Les Gavarres. And that is not all: from the viewpoint you can observe Girona, the Baix Empordà, the Medes islands, the Pyrenees, the Montseny peak and Les Guilleries.

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