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#65 Saint John's Night in Girona

The Night of Fire: the evening of June 23 and the early hours of the 24th, the Revetlla de Sant Joan is celebrated in the Catalan Countries


Around the Girona province there are a series of activities that have fire as the main protagonist, well accompanied by dances, party and rowdiness.

There are many details that make it special: fire, fireworks, firecrackers, cake, dance and bonfires

The Night of Saint John is a feast of pagan origin that coincides with the summer solstice. In the past, this festival was to honour the Sun and the arrival of hot weather. There are many details that make it special: fire, fireworks, firecrackers, cake, dance and bonfires. Indeed, the tradition says that for Saint John's night a bonfire must be made to purify, since the flames push bad vibrations away and whoever jumps over fire ensures health and strength.


There are several events in Girona. In the evening of June 23, after 18.00, the departure of the procession of the Flame of Plaça Sant Pere takes place. The procession takes a tour of the most emblematic places in the city: Sant Feliu Bridge, The Rambla, Plaça Independencia, Santa Clara and Plaça del Vi, the end, where we can see the Dance of the Eagle.

From 21.30 it is time for the fire to shine against the darkness of the night. In the Vista Alegre Park a fire show and the lighting of the bonfire is performed and, to end the night, music group performances. At the same time, in Fontajau, the traditional bonfire is lit at the car park of Carrer de la Font de l'Abat. In addition, halfway through the night there will be a fireworks show in La Guingueta park and, finally, cava, Sant Joan cake and Fontajau seques for everyone, with music.


Costa Brava

One of the things we relate to Sant Joan is the beach. Taking advantage of the arrival of hot weather, one of the most emblematic backdrops to celebrate this festival is the sand by the sea. There are many villages on the Costa Brava that offer very interesting shows to experience the Night of Fire. Next, we mention two of the most prominent:


The coincides with the local festival. It is not surprising then, that it is celebrated so intensely. As it is tradition, it is celebrated with the Flame of Canigó, the night party in the neighborhood of Sant Joan and the famous barraques, by the sea.


On the Gran Platja (Big Beach) de l'Estartit double with a double bill of live music.

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