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With its stages in the most emblematic squares and streets of Girona, the music festival Strenes, in which Catalan artists begin or end their tours, is arriving very soon


The festival offers more than thirty shows in various points of Girona, open to the public and paid.

Top artists in every edition

Strenes has great artists and musical groups of the renowned national and international scene.


Great artists and great locations

One of the most magical hisghlights of this festival is the possibility of witnessing the performance of great musicians in the midst of the best of the locations. Although some concerts take place indoors, in the Auditorium of Girona, a big part is carried out in several emblematic locations in the city, such as the famous Cathedral Stairs, the Municipal Theater, the La Mercè cultural center, Plaça Catalunya, the bridge Pont de Pedra and the stairs at Pujada de Sant Domènec. Tickets for the concerts can already be purchased through the festival’s website. In addition, Strenes also offers a series of outdoor shows open to the public in Plaça Catalunya, Pujada de Sant Domènec, Pont de Pedra and Tourism Office.

Strenes, a reference festival

In just three editions, the Strenes festival has managed to proclaim itself as one of the most prestigious events in the music scene in Catalunya. Since the beginning, the festival has brought together more than 20,000 spectators and has generated an economic impact of 750,000 euros for the city of Girona. This edition aims to continue with the ascending and positive dynamics. Without a doubt, Strenes is the festival for all quality music lovers. The festival invites you to take a walk in Girona listening to the best Catalan musicians of the moment. The Hotels Ultonia, located right in the heart of Girona, offer accommodation for all those who visit the city and want to enjoy the melodies and stages of the Strenes festival.

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