Sustainability, committed to our environment - Hotels Ultonia Girona

Sustainability, committed to our environment

Hotels Ultonia Girona develop and apply an environmental policy that guarantees respect for our surroundings


Aware of the environmental problems of our times, and convinced of our commitment to the defence of our environment, at Hotels Ultonia Girona we have developed a new environmental policy with the intention of gradually introducing actions that can guarantee respect for our surroundings. Focused on continuous improvement, our aim is to ensure that our guests' experiences are not only unforgettable, but also enriching and beneficial for their lives and for society as a whole.

With the application of this new code of action, within the framework of the ISO 14001 seal, in all the decisions taken in the different areas of the organisation, our top priority will be to act with respect for the sustainability of our environment and the associated legislation in force. With this vision and intention of total commitment to promote responsible consumption and the sustainable development of our business, Hotels Ultonia Girona is committed to the following actions:

Continuous improvement

Execute continuous and adaptable improvements in the Environmental Management System currently in place. Measuring its impact by means of annual improvement objectives, with the clear intention of reducing the environmental impact of all operations carried out in our organization's environment.


Protection and prevention

In addition to environmental protection, implementation of preventive actions in internal processes:

  • Care for the energy efficiency of the establishment and the services offered to the public.
  • Installation of a recycling point at the hotel's reception desk.
  • Elimination of single-use packaging to reduce waste and shrinkage.
  • Awareness of our customers: care of water consumption, inviting them to reuse towels whenever possible, recycling of plastics, moderate use of air conditioning.
  • Leadership at local level to promote and encourage actions in the field of sustainability.

Compliance with the law

The implementation for all purposes of this sustainability policy shall be carried out in compliance with all legal and other requirements related to the protection of the environment.


Other specific actions

  • Promoting healthy, local consumption is a priority. Consuming seasonal and km. 0 products not only has an impact on our health, but also favours sustainability and preserves the rural environment. For this reason, we work with local producers who manage to reduce the environmental impact derived from the transport, storage of their articles and the excessive use of single-use packaging.
  • We encourage an active and healthy lifestyle by providing our customers with a fully equipped gym, and we promote the use of bicycles as a sustainable means of transport to visit the city.
  • Significant reduction in the volume of plastic waste generated.
  • At Hotels Ultonia Girona we are committed to a sustainable cab service, always giving priority to electric or hybrid cars.
  • Our car park has parking spaces with universal charging points for all types of electric vehicles.
  • At Hotels Ultonia Girona we are committed to a sustainable cab service, always giving priority to electric or hybrid cars.
  • The business group that manages Hotels Ultonia Girona has its own hydroelectric power plants, with the maxim of helping to create clean, low-emission energy. The electricity generated by these plants exceeds the consumption of Hotels Ultonia Girona, providing more clean energy than it consumes itself.

At Hotels Ultonia Girona we take care of the present to protect the future and we work every day to continue to expand our firm social and environmental commitment, promoting the responsible use of the natural resources at our disposal.

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