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Temporada Alta

Once again, Temporada Alta, the Autumn Festival of Catalonia, is mainly being held in Girona and Salt


Temporada Alta is a performing arts festival for everybody dedicated to the circus, dance, live music, cinema and multimedia arts, mainly held in the cities of Girona and Salt between October and December. Over the last few years it has become one of the leading events nationally and internationally, obtaining a place on the map of the best European festivals.

Since the first event held in 1992, many great names have attended Temporada Alta, such as Jan Fabre, Angélica Liddel, Christiane Jatahy, Krystian Lupa, Thomas Ostermeier, Peter Brook, Sol Picó, Àlex Rigola, Claudio Tolcachir, Romeo Castellucci, Joan Ollé, Oskaras Koršunovas, Lluís Pasqual and Christoph Marthaler, among others.

International recognition and presence

Its international vocation is one of the main characteristics of Temporada Alta and one of its models of success. A clear example is seen with the creation of the Ibero-American Connection series, exporting the festival to several Ibero-American cities. It also collaborates in the production or co-production of many of the works that debut during the festival, thus stimulating theatrical creation, and increasing the international presence of the Catalan proposals.

The Temporada Alta attendance figures, as with the shows on offer, have been multiplying exponentially over the years, from 4,115 spectators and four shows during the first event in 1992, to 53,000 spectators and 243 shows in 2019. As a result of this magnificent work, the Girona-based festival has received many prizes and awards. Highlights include the Max award for New Trends (2012) and the Honorary Butaca award (2003) for the appreciation of theatre.


When and where is Temporada Alta held?

The Temporada Alta festival has been mainly held in the cities of Girona and Salt, although it often spreads to other cities in the province, during October, November and December, since 1992. The programme is outstanding for the quality of the performing arts (theatre, music and dance) and is complemented with a series of parallel activities, such as cinema, conferences and multimedia arts series.

Some of the places that regularly welcome its programme are the Girona Auditorium, Sala Truffaut (inside the Albéniz Plaza Cinema), Salt Theatre, Sala La Planeta, El Canal, Girona Casino, Carles Rahola Library, Antònia Adroher Library, etc.


Hotels Ultonia and the origin of Temporada Alta

The friendship between Hotels Ultonia and Temporada Alta dates back to 1992, when Girona welcomed the first festival, which then offered four shows held in the La Mercè Cultural Centre. The same year that Temporada Alta began, Hotels Ultonia became part of its Theatre Patronage Club, helping promote the project during its start-up, and facilitating commercial agreements to take Girona to the epicentre of theatre festivals in the south of Europe.

Temporada Alta and Hotels Ultonia, a historic connection in Girona that continues today

This friendship and support over the years continues today. Hotels Ultonia is one of the hotel groups that accommodates many of the festival staff, actors and directors, becoming the hotel of reference for Temporada Alta followers. It must be said that several of our guests have dreamt of meeting one of their idols in our communal areas.


Temporada Alta tickets, discounts and packages

Ticket sales start at the beginning of September, and we recommend purchasing tickets for the most mediatic shows as soon as possible. Some of the regular places where you can purchase tickets are the Girona Municipal Theatre, Girona Auditorium and Salt Theatre. Tickets can also be purchased via the Temporada Alta website right up to the last minute, if they are still available.

Temporada Alta offers two types of multi-show packs: "Pack 6" which applies a 20% discount for the purchase of 6 to 9 shows, and "Pack 10" which applies a 25% discount for purchase of 10 or more different shows. Show prices vary between €8 and €40. Several kinds of discounts up to 50% are also applied for youngsters and OAPs. Further information can be found on the following link


Where to stay during Temporada Alta?

Does the play you want to see finish late? Don’t worry about the times and the trip home, stay at one of our hotels and make the most of your trip to Girona to enjoy Temporada Alta. We are in the city centre, just a 10-minute walk from the Girona bus and train stations, and less than a 20-minute walk from the main locations of the Temporada Alta shows, a good excuse for a brief stop in the old district of Girona.

We recommend taking a look at our Romantic Pack, if you decide to attend Temporada Alta with your partner, or our Family Pack, if you are coming with your family. It will be a pleasure to welcome you to our hotels!

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