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Girona can boast of having a unique charm, many aspects make up the city’s seal of identity and one of these is gastronomy


The “Xuixo”

Let’s start with the sweetest. Pronounced shooshoo, some say that its recipe was created by a French confectioner who had a pastry in Girona. Other claim that it was the Tarlà, a legendary figure in the history of the city, who devised Xuixo. What we do know for sure, however, is that its long journey and impact on the city’s gastronomy has made it one of the unique products of Girona. The Xuixo is a sweet brioche, made from butter dough and covered with sugar. But its most special secret is found inside: a delicious cream filling. So, if you have a sweet tooth, you can’t miss this delicious treat.


The Sweet “Botifarra”

Continuing with sweet flavours, this time a little bit salty, we can find the Sweet Botifarra. It may seem like a curious mix in the beginning as the Botifarra is a typical catalan meat sausage. This is why we invite you to satisfy your curiosity, since it is impossible for it to leave you indifferent. The Sweet Botifarra, white or black, is a sausage with sugar, cinnamon and lemon. You can eat it by itself, accompanied in several elaborate dishes or on a toast.

L’Empordà Oil

The Oli de l’Empordà is extra virgin olive oil with a protected Denomination of Origin. As the name suggests, it is produced, especially, in the counties of Alt and Baix Empordà, although it is also made in Pla de l’Estany and Gironès. There are three different varieties: the argudell and the corivell —sweet taste with bitter touches—, and the verdal —fruity with a slight spicy touch—.

L’Empordà Wine

Ideal to accompany any of our dishes, the red and white wines of the DO Empordà are tasty and enjoy of a great reputation. Its touches of spices and fragrance, which maintain the aromas of the fruit and the plant, make them a high quality product.


Girona's apples

If there is a star fruit in Girona, this is the apple. Cultivated in more than 2300 hectares of apple trees, you can find the Golden, Red Delicious, Royal Gala and Granny Smith varieties.

The Rice of Pals

If you go to Girona, you can not leave without having tasted rice in the casserole made with “Arròs de Pals”. This famous product is cultivated in Pals, in different varieties. You can also take some home, as its packaging retains the extra quality.


Anchovies from L’Escala

We have started with the sweetest typical product of Girona; now we end up with the most salty one. The “Anxoves de l’Escala” boast craftsmanship and a good know-how. Preserved in olive oil, its careful and traditional elaboration since 1940 gives the product a great quality and flavor that make them unique.

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