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Hotels Ultonia Girona

In the heart of Girona since 1962

In the heart of Girona, rooted in Girona's history and heritage since 1962, we find Hotel Ultonia and Hotel Gran Ultonia, located just a few minutes walk from the main points of interest of the city. Its modern and comfortable facilities, in addition to a careful service will turn any stay into an unforgettable memory. And there is no better way to discover the beautiful city of Girona, if not from its heart.

Gran Ultonia ****

Our 4-star hotel rooms are designed for both leisure and business stays.

Different hotels,
same service

Both hotels share an access and reception door as well as all common areas.

Ultonia ***

3* rooms are especially recommended if you are looking for triple or family rooms.

To be in the center and to be the center, here you will find everything you are looking for

Whether you are visiting for business reasons or for a fleeting getaway to quiet Girona, Hotels Ultonia offers you unique, warm, practical and urban accommodation. As a hotel, we like to be a meeting point where visitors, besides relaxing and resting, can get closer to the genuine local experience. Our commitment is in your experience.

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Cocktail & Lounge

The new concept that is making its way to the Ultonia's terrace

Shunning the traditional spirit of the classic cocktail bar, the Ultonia terrace is reopening its doors for both locals and visitors, to discover a style of cocktail bar, open to the general public, while enjoying a sunset with the Girona Cathedral illuminated in the background. Need some inspiration? You've come to the right place. Open in the daily afternoons and weekends from 12pm.

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The Ultonia

Do you like Girona?

Fall in love with its charm while you stroll quietly through its streets and monuments

The labyrinth of alleys of the old town invite you to get lost for hours while you feel part of a landscape that transpires stories and legends in every corner. Get to know our roots, our way of speaking; the distracted and friendly pulse of Girona that intermingles with the cosmopolitan air of its human scale. Enjoy a centrally located hotel close to everything. Discover and share all the secrets of Girona but above all, enjoy every one of them.

Tot li dec a Girona, de Josep Pla

"Els versos escandalosament prosaics i lliures de Girona"

Tot li dec a Girona.
Allà vaig veure les coses
principals de la vida, netes i precises.
Allà vaig veure la catedral,
que és tota de pedra
i és un gran edifici.
I Sant Pere de Galligants,
que és tan antic,
I els arbres de la Devesa.
Mai havia vist tants junts.
Girona ha estat
el ferment de la meva vida,
i el carrer de la Força
l’òvul, allargat, de l’existència”.

The link with the city

The meaning of Ultonia

The legend of immortal city was forged under the many sieges that Girona suffered in the past and whose wounds are still felt in the fortifications and vestiges of the old town. It is in this historical context, where a platoon of Irish volunteers rooted in the province, were significant in favor of the local cause thus earning the eternal gratitude of its population. Ultonia is the Latin name of its city of origin, Ulster.

Group cycling in paradise

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Vermut musical

On the Ultonia terrace

All your event needs to success

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