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ISO 14001 in sustainability

The first steps towards a more responsible hotel

The management of Hotels Ultonia Girona has always been sensitive to the environmental issues of our times at the same time that the need to preserve the environment was evident. For this reason and at the end of 2018, from the company already began to work and launch different projects with sustainability biases and aimed at reducing the environmental impact to the extent of our scale and dimension.

Based on mistakes we have learned that, in order to promote any improvement within the company, it is essential to raise it in an orderly manner if we want the changes to be solid and last. Therefore, at Hotels Ultonia Girona it was clear to us that all these actions and improvements in which we were involved, it was much better to work with a methodology that would allow us to consolidate them. For this reason, even before the pandemic caused by COVID19, the decision was made to use the ISO 14001 sustainability standard as a framework to provide coherence to all the work in progress. During the mandatory closure and the worst months of the virus, the Hotels Ultonia Girona team, led by the management, focused on the implementation of this standard. The effort brought results.

Environmental Policy Statement

Within the application of ISO 14:001 it is essential to define an environmental policy and objectives as well as to measure them in order to make a correct follow-up. Therefore, Hotels Ultonia Girona is committed to gradually and progressively introduce the environmental criterion to all the processes of the organization. With the adoption of this environmental policy and in accordance with the mission, vision and values of the company, Hotels Ultonia Girona is committed to:

  1. The continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System where annual improvement objectives are established, aimed at oriented to reduce the environmental cleanliness of the operations.
  2. In addition to the implicit protection of the environment, prevention in internal processes such as:
    • Energy efficiency of the establishment and the services it offers to the public.
    • The suppression or substitution of single-use packaging to avoid any form of reprocessing.
    • Local leadership to promote and encourage actions in the area of sustainability.
  3. Compliance with legal requirements and other requirements related to environmental protection.

The implementation of this policy through communication to all staff of Hotels Ultonia Girona, suppliers, collaborators and clients.