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Girona Flower Festival

The most international and anticipated spring festival

Girona Flower Festival is the visual language of flowers and the imaginative floral creations carried out by hundreds of participants, professionals and amateurs without distinction, transform once a year and edition after edition, the capital of Girona in a subtle spectacle of aromas, textures and colors. The monuments, the houses and their interior courtyards, the streets, the gardens, and the natural landscapes, emerge covered with the elegance of surprising plant and floral elements.

In addition, during the 9 days of the festival (it starts on Saturday and ends on Sunday of the following week) the city reinforces its cultural, touristic, gastronomic and social offer, becoming an interesting point of touristic interest in Europe. The Cathedral, San Feliu, San Nicolás, Plaza de los Jurados, San Martín, San Lluch, Arab Baths of Gerona, Sarraïnes, Torre Gironella / Jardines de los Alemanes and Casa León Avinay, are some of the must-see places during Girona Flower Festival.

The ideal moment to visit Girona

All flower shows are free of charge and a unique opportunity to access buildings or monuments usually restricted to the public.

Arreu de la capital gironina tenen lloc multitud d’espectacles culturals per a totes les edats, la ciutat i els seus comerços vesteixen les seves millors gales, i és el moment ideal per a descobrir de forma gratuïta l’interior dels edificis i emplaçaments històrics de la ciutat, molts dels quals romanen tancats els curiosos la resta de l’any, o només es pot accedir mitjançant previ pagament de l’entrada. Concerts, tallers, exhibicions de dansa, sardanes, exposicions especials, activitats per als més petits, i exhibicions de castellers són algunes de les opcions que trobarem en una agenda d’activitats carregada d’actes, i que podrà consultar mitjançant la web oficial de l’Ajuntament o des del web oficial del festival.

Origins and history

61 years ago, a group of entrepreneurs from Girona decided to organize the first edition of what they called “Provincial Flower Show Competition” in the Rest Room of the Municipal Theater. The good response and the interest of the public that visited that space in 1954, pushed the organization to carry out an event that has become one of the festivals of reference in southern Europe, and has helped to put Girona on the international map. Girona Flower Festival, after that first and successful edition, evolved over the years getting the participation and involvement of citizens and the social fabric of the city. From the Salón de Descanso, which was too small that first year, it moved to the Sala de Pergaminos of the Public Library and then to the Monastery of San Pere de Galligants. Later it moved to the convent and the cloister of San Domènec, and finally began to spread to various courtyards and gardens of the old town, such as the Plaza de los Jurados, the cloister of the Cathedral or the gardens of the Plaza de Narcís Figueras.

The different floral projects that make up the Girona Flower Time are usually presented at the beginning of the year, when the City Council distributes budget and spaces with the utmost care. These projects can be presented by any person, group of friends, non-profit organization, or institution willing to collaborate with one of the most important floral festivals in southern Europe. Obviously, the limit of the creations is always set by the economic logic and the real capacity to carry them out successfully.

Volunteering is the engine of Girona Temps de Flors

Once spaces and budgets have been distributed, we begin to work in more depth on aspects such as the preparation, structure and preparation of the material for each proposal. The idea is to have everything ready until a week or days before the festival, to then work everything at the last minute, yes, let’s not forget that Tiempo de Flores is always a real race against the clock due to the very nature of the floral material, which loses freshness as the days go by.

Girona Flower Time ends up becoming a beautiful activity that unites the people of Girona, regardless of their age, enhancing their creative, associative and extracting the best of themselves as citizens. As a result of this success, for example last 2019 up to 171 floral projects were presented, divided into 3 categories of participation: 111 floral exhibitions in courtyards, monuments and gardens; 49 urban floral exhibitions; and 11 establishments with floral decoration. For such a goal more than 1,100 volunteers were needed, a spectacular figure that year after year continues to increase.

Our recommendations

The floral designs are renewed every edition, so each Temps de Flors festival is unique and unrepeatable. The explosion of colors is echoed in the digital environment so we encourage you to share all your photos of the floral exhibitions on social networks using the hashtags #TempsdeFlors and #101GironaMoments. The busiest days are Saturday and Sunday of the first weekend, when there are large crowds and serious parking problems in the city center. To avoid crowds it may be preferable to visit the festival on a weekday, especially to avoid long queues and especially if you are traveling with elderly people or children.

The evening sessions are an ideal time to visit Girona Temps de Flors and avoid crowds.

In case you decide to visit the city without staying overnight, if you come by car you have to keep in mind that it is not easy to park in Girona during the days of the Temps de Flors festival, and even less during the weekends. It is advisable to travel by train (station only 20 minutes walk from the historic center), bus or cab to the entrance of the historic center of the city. Two days and comfortable shoes for long days are necessary to be able to walk the complete circuit of the festival.

If you need more indications or recommendations to enjoy Girona Temps de Flors, our reception team will provide you with the official map of the festival and the best suggestions. Remember that if you stay in our hotels, you can access within a few minutes walk to the main points of interest of the festival, plus you can leave your car in our secure parking, an exclusive option for customers who book through our official website.

Through our website you will find flexible rates with the possibility of changing your reservation up to 24 hours before your arrival, but remember to make it well in advance to avoid running out of availability. We also offer you a parking service in our own building.