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Gluten Free Hotels

Enjoy our breakfast buffet including gluten free station

Celiac friendly hotel

At Hotels Ultonia Girona, we understand how important and crucial this consideration is when choosing the right accommodation. Although there are more and more hotels and restaurants with specialized offerings, it can still be challenging to find alternatives in Girona today.

We believe that celiac disease should not be an impediment to fully enjoy your deserved vacation, just like anyone else. Traveling without gluten requires preparation, but if you choose Ultonia, you will have the peace of mind to enjoy safe products at no additional cost, as our prices are perfectly aligned with the conventional offerings. At Hotels Ultonia Girona we have been aware of all these challenges and beyond paying meticulous attention to details, we have gradually expanded the variety of gluten-free products in our breakfast buffet.

Chocolate brownies, croissants, assortments of pastries, a variety of breads, and cereals are some of the certified products you can find at the specially dedicated breakfast station in our space. Although some options in the buffet may be safe for those with celiac disease, our team prefers to prepare food specifically in the kitchen to avoid the constant threat of cross-contamination.

Suitable for vegan, gluten-free and other intolerances

In addition to the specific range of products for celiacs, our buffet at Hotels Ultonia Girona also provides a wide variety of locally sourced products that are well presented and labeled for vegan visitors or those with dietary intolerances. As per European standards, our team has been trained on allergens and celiac disease.

The hotel has been recognized by the Celiac Association of Catalonia as an establishment with a gluten-free offering, and we are proud of this trust. We continue to work on improving our range of gluten-free products and recipes, not only for breakfast but also for other areas of the hotel, such as the terrace and the future café.

Events specially designed for any requirement

For any social or corporate events at Hotels Ultonia Girona, how to handle the preparations is quite simple for celiacs either of any type of intolerance. Actually it is only needed to reach our team in advance and they will provide everything necessary to customize the menu according to any specifications.