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Cycling MICE

A top-tier corporate event in the very epicenter of cycling

Located in the heart of Girona itself, the hotel was transformed into the temporary home for Specialized, a name synonymous with quality and innovation in the bicycle industry. The usual bustle of the city center gave way for weeks to the energy and enthusiasm of the cycling world. The iconic brand transformed the facilities of Ultonia Hotels to host a unique convention where they presented their new range of bicycles.

The choice of our hotel was no coincidence as the facilities offer a perfect balance between comfort, efficiency, and functionality. From fully equipped meeting rooms to relaxation spaces where business and pleasure merge, everything is designed to ensure the success of remarkable events.

Specialized, with a strong commitment to sustainability, takes the environmental variable into account in decision-making. In addition to the hotel’s firm commitment to this path, access by train to the destination and the low carbon footprint it generates were also factors that were taken into account.


Time to try out the new bikes


But the real magic happened outside the walls of the hotel. The captured images speak for themselves: groups of partners pedaling through natural trails, surrounded by trees and under a sky that was dyed with changing hues as the day progressed. The hybrid electric gravel bike was the star, a machine perfectly adapted for both asphalt and dirt paths. Ideal for a destination like Girona.

The climb to the Los Ángeles pass was the climax of the experience. Ascending to this pass and contemplating the breathtaking landscape that stretches from the Costa Brava Sea to the Pyrenees, the experience became unforgettable. The photographs from this moment, with the cyclists and their bicycles against a backdrop that extends as far as the eye can see, are testimonials to the adventurous spirit that fueled each pedaling. Subsequently, the routes continued through forest tracks that allowed for closer and more genuine contact with nature.

Upon returning to the hotel, guests discovered an oasis of tranquility on our exclusive terrace. There, amidst conversations and laughter, they shared anecdotes while enjoying cocktails and craft beers. The camaraderie extended beyond the cycling routes; lasting relationships were forged during the meals organized in our elegant lounges.

Why Ultonia?

The success of the Specialized convention was reflected not only in the satisfaction of its partners but also in their decision to repeat this format in the future. This confirms our hotel’s ability to host events for leading brands, not only in cycling but also in fashion and sports equipment.

Ultimately, Specialized’s stay at our hotel was not just a convention, but a comprehensive experience that perfectly blended business, pleasure, and respect for the environment. It is a shining example of how the right facilities, combined with exceptional service, can elevate a corporate event to a memorable and significant experience for both the brand and its guests.