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Have a nice flight

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Bus, the cheapest option

Upon arrival at Girona airport, please note that bus lines 601 and 607 are always coordinated with Ryanair flight schedules. They pick up passengers at the airport and transport them to the Girona Bus Station located in the city center, in front of the RENFE train station, and less than 10 minutes walk from the Ultonia Girona Hotels in a straight line. The journey time ranges between 20-30 minutes depending on the time of day, and the cost of the ticket as of today is around 2,75 €. The reverse journey is made with the same bus lines and fare.

In the case that your flight has as final destination the Prat airport in Barcelona, the bus is also a good solution to get to our beloved Girona. You can find bus tickets at reasonable prices, but the journey can take up to 2.30h.

Cab, the most comfortable option

The journey time is around 30 minutes maximum and the price of the trip can range around 35 €, a relatively affordable price if you are traveling in a group considering the comfort with which you will be able to travel. If you need to request a cab for any of the city’s surroundings, our reception team will be happy to arrange it for you at the agreed time.

Hotels Ultonia Girona give priority to all those taxi drivers who operate with electric or hybrid vehicles in coherence with our environmental commitment.

Sustainable mobility alternatives

In short and medium distance travel we have a powerful ally to help mitigate the emission of gases that accentuate climate change. The connectivity of Girona with the railway network is excellent and either via conventional train or high speed, allows us to move comfortably to Barcelona, Figueres, Tarragona, Montpellier, Madrid or Paris through more environmentally friendly means. In addition, the train and bus station of Girona is located just a few minutes walk from Hotels Ultonia Girona. Easy, comfortable and sustainable.