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Whether it's a first date or a birthday celebration with your long-time partner, Girona is a city that invites romance.

Pujada de Sant Domènec and Le Bistrot

We could not do a ranking of the most romantic corners of the city without starting at Girona’s most charming corner: the Sant Domènec staircase. The combination of architectural elements make these stairs a unique place where time seems to stand still. At the same time they are also very special, as they are one of the main attractions of the Girona Temps de Flors Festival.

In the middle of the staircase hides Le Bistrot, well known by the locals. Although it looks like a small place, inside it is much bigger than it seems … and it is always full! Really, Le Bistrot has something that makes you feel like you are in France: the furniture and interior design, the terrace … When the good weather arrives, its tables fill the stairs and the candles and decor make it a quiet, cosy space to dine with your partner or with friends. It is worth remembering that a few years ago, this emblematic establishment was chosen as the most romantic corner in Spain. A real “must” for a romantic day!

A dinner and a walk through the old part of the city are a guarantee of an unforgettable night. Today we make a compilation of the essential places to spend an intimate evening.

German gardens

In general, the entire old town is an ideal setting for a first (or second or third or fourth) date. However, we want to highlight one spot in particular: the German Gardens (Jardins dels Alemanys). The views they offer of the city of Girona are spectacular. If you get the chance, go when the sun sets, the atmosphere is tinged with an intoxicating light … so romantic!

The Gomez Bridge

The Gómez or Princess Bridge has not escaped the romantic fashion of attaching padlocks to the railing as a symbol of eternal love. A ritual that causes controversy wherever it starts because of the aesthetics and fragility of the bridges. Beyond all this, this bridge formed by a single arch, is undoubtedly one of the most charming to walk with the couple.

The terraces of the Ultonia Girona Hotels

At Hotels Ultonia Girona, we have two terraces with views of Girona Cathedral: La Terrasseta and La Terrassa de l’Ultonia. While the first is an intimate space for the exclusive use of guests, located on the fourth floor, the second offers a signature cocktail service on the fifth floor. Both are ideal places to relax after an evening walk and enjoy a truly special night.

Planning a getaway to Girona? Escape to enjoy the best romantic experience with Ultonia's romantic package.

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