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#33 GironaMoments

Girona boasts to be a paradise for cyclists, hikers and nature lovers

The Route

The Climb to Els Àngels is a classic route for the people of Girona. It also attracts many tourists who want to enjoy hiking or cycling through a unique environment. The way to the Àngels viewpoint takes about 3-4 hours, depending on your speed and whether you go by bike or on foot. As a round trip, the climb to Els Àngels has a total distance of 16 kilometres, with an elevation gain of 539 metres.

One of the advantages of this route is that you can start from the door of Hotels Ultonia, as it is accessible at all points both on foot and by bicycle. One of the most popular starting points is the Monastery of Sant Daniel, 10 minutes from the historic centre of Girona. After passing the monastery, there is a path through fields and forests, becoming a forest track and passing under the flyover. As you climb, the slope gets steeper and steeper.

After climbing for a while, we will arrive at the Plano de la Segalasa and shortly after we find the Olivet d’en Salgueda. We continue climbing up to the Coll de la Trobada, and here we will have to make a slight descent to the Casa de les Figues. Here, we follow some trails that takes the road as a reference point. This is the last stretch of the route and can be done following the road (although we can also continue on paths), which leads us to the sanctuary of Els Àngels, where we can see the Medes Islands, the Pyrenees and the Empordà.

What will we be able to see?

During the way up, we will find singular spaces of a great attraction. Just at the beginning, we can see the Benedictine Monastery of Sant Daniel, of Romanesque architecture, founded in 1015. Another highlight is the Olivet d’en Salgueda, where we can enjoy wonderful views of Girona.

Halfway, we can rest in the Surolí, a resting point formed by the hybrid between oak and cork oak. It is a good place to rest our legs, hydrate and recharge our batteries for the rest of the way to the sanctuary. This last one is the most desired point of the journey, since it is our goal and it will surely comfort us to arrive. The views from the Sanctuary of Els Angels will allow us to enjoy from a privileged point of the massif of Les Gavarres. And that’s not all: from the viewpoint we can see Girona, the Baix Empordà, the Medes Islands, the Pyrenees, the Montseny or the Guilleries.

Why Ultonia?

Our establishment is ideal for organizing any cycling getaway in the province of Girona. In addition to a fantastic and strategic location, Hotels Ultonia Girona has facilities prepared and designed for the most demanding cyclists. For example, a space with restricted access and video surveillance where guests staying at the hotel can park and store their bicycle free of charge. In addition to cleaning the bike, you can also make use of the workshop in order to finish getting it ready for the next outing.