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Manel Vehí and the Ultonia terrace, the perfect cocktail

Those who choose to enjoy themselves on the Ultonia terrace will be able to taste and savour the signature cocktails of our beloved Manel Vehí. But who is Manel Vehí and what is his story? In the following article, we present one of the rising stars in the world of “haute cocktails”.

By his own merit, Manel Vehí has become one of the most respected master mixologists on the international scene thanks to his endless passion and talent for his beloved trade. Discipline runs in the family; he is the son of the fourth generation of Bar Boia de Cadaqués (founded in 1947), where we will usually find him working with the public, doing what he does best, of course, as long as he is not in his office preparing cocktail menus or advising hotels or cocktail bars around the world that require his endless imagination.

From the essences of the Costa Brava, the best signature cocktails are created from the hand of cocktail master, Manel Vehí

Manel tells us that he has been a self-taught man of his passion since childhood, experimenting with all kinds of fruits, liqueurs and textures. He remarks that he reached his educational threshold when he had the opportunity to work with Ferran Adrià and Juli Soler at the mythical gastronomic space El Bulli. After that enriching experience, both personally and professionally, he had the opportunity to put everything into practice in two prestigious cocktail bars: Tickets, and 41 degrees, where he coincided with another culinary great, Albert Adrià.

Discovering new flavours from around the world

His level of self-discipline and constant creative improvement led him to travel from his native Cadaqués to live in several countries far from Europe. These experiences led him to join the team of mixologists at the Chicago Aviary with Grant Achatz, the Washington Jaleo with José Andrés and the Brazilian Soeta, among others. With this new broad and intercultural vision, patent in each and every one of his signature cocktails, Manel has acquired knowledge of all kinds of traditions, raw materials and the latest trends that allow him to experiment with his creations beyond the classic cocktails.

His first place in the Med Inspiratinos by Gin Mare (2015) came after years of effort, enthusiasm and commitment, and it opened the doors to his international recognition. It would not take long for other milestones and accolades to arrive, such as first place in the Spanish Cocktail Competition Sidecar by Almena in 2016 or the Cocktail Competition by The Excellence Project in 2017.

In any case, Manel continues his business. And those who know him already know that they will find him experimenting day and night with magic recipes and secret potions so as to continue surprising us and collecting praise wherever he goes. With the long-awaited opening of the new terrace of the Hotels Ultonia Girona, we offer clients and visitors the opportunity to enjoy all the “know-how” acquired over these years. It is a pleasure to be able to find him at the Ultonia again, so close to his beloved Cadaqués.