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Sanitary restrictions

Secret de Girona and Room 118 cafeteria close their doors for ever

At the end of 2009, just after finishing the works where the old Ultonia Cinema Theater had existed, we bet on a concept that would undoubtedly change the skyline of our city.

Located on the terrace of the Hotel Gran Ultonia, El Secret de Girona became a unique space in the Girona panorama during each of the seasons it operated. Although unfortunately, health restrictions due to the COVID19 ended up forcing the definitive stop of its activity, it is difficult to find someone in Girona who has not enjoyed a night outdoors with the company of the Cathedral of Girona in the background.

The Secret de Girona began this way, being properly a secret. Although it only worked in good weather, little by little the terrace was consolidated with a fresh concept that had no one to compare it to in the city. Its charm could only be compared to that of a magical forest full of fairies magical forest full of fairies like the one on which William Shakespeare based his fantastic work.

The opening coincided with the start of the Temps de Flors festival and almost until the end of October you could enjoy, among other things, privileged views of the Devesa and the viewpoint to the Cathedral. Gradually the rooftop was extending the schedule to offer a good time at any time of day, to the point of inspiring the concept of the Terrasseta in another magical corner of the Hotel Gran Ultonia. With a smaller capacity and oriented to the guest, the Terrasseta is a must for all visitors to Girona who stay at the hotel, even if it is only to immortalize a postcard moment.

Among the many memories evoked by the old terrace, it is worth mentioning the figure of the bartender and star of the team. In addition to preparing the cocktails like no one else, Victor put soul, lung and face to the project. He loved his work so much that he was so passionate about it night after night.